Computer & IT Support

Managed Services & Consulting Services

With Managed Services, your IT needs are supported from a holistic view. We have a passion for helping our customers and listening to what they want to accomplish. 

Managed Services provides:

  • a predictable support plan with priority help a phone call away. 
  • Focus on preventive maintenance with less time spent on fixing a broken system and less downtime for you!
  • Most of our support can be completed remotely with onsite visits available as required. 
  • Monitoring and review of the overall network and system health to proactively take corrective action.  This includes things like system updates, anti-virus, backups and drive space to name a few. 

Curo provides Consulting Services where we can help you solve your business problems with technology you may already own.  Time & Materials hourly support is also available for those special projects and to implement new capabilities to help your business thrive.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is the lifeblood of your business and your competitive advantage. The average medium sized business can’t survive a catastrophic data loss.  Not every business has the same recovery requirements so your plan can be customized to meet your needs within your budget. 

Backup plans can be tailored to your needs and include:

  •  Active monitoring to correct possible backup failures
  • Test restores performed on a regular basis to confirm data is recoverable
  • Onsite backup for quick recovery
  • Offsite backup in case of fire, flood or damage locally
  • Cloud based data and system backup for full Disaster Recovery

Phone Systems

Business phone systems have dropped in price and increased features and value.  Enable your company to adapt seamlessly to work from home or just be available when your customers need them.

Available features include:

  • Physical phones with advanced features that include taking it home when needed
  • Software based phones (SoftPhones) that can be installed on your computer or your cell phone
  • Forward your business number to your cell phone or to other team members to cover for vacation, sick time, etc.
  • Voicemail emailed to you to listen on your computer or cell phone
  • Auto attendant feature with background music and advanced menus for no additional charges
  • Ring to multiple people to ensure it is answered by a person in real-time